Effective Business Communication


In this course over six modules you’ll begin by looking at the definition of effective business communication, the use of appropriate language and tone, how to plan your communication and the forms of written communication. You’ll also cover face-to-face communication, how to communicate effectively by phone, presentation skills and listening skills. Finally, you’ll look at online communication and how to effectively communicate online focusing on email, texts, online conferencing and more.

Effective communication skills are essential to master as they’re often at the top of the list of qualities demanded by employers.

This is a truly comprehensive communications training course, which can be studied flexibly either within one of our centres or online, at home or work.

Through studying this communications course, you will learn how to communicate effectively and professionally within the business environment, and be able to demonstrate the practical skills you’ll have gained.

Who Should Attend

If you work as a PA, Admin Assistant, Office Administrator, Secretary or Receptionist, you will be dealing with business communications on a daily basis. This course will ensure you produce the highest quality communications enabling you to portray a professional representation of the business you work for. It’s also the perfect course for anyone looking to work in these types of roles, as employers will be confident in your ability to handle their business communications


Have a computer preferably a laptop with any operating system: Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux


  • Lesson One: You will look at the definition of business communication and the different methods of communicating in business.
  • Lesson Two: You’ll focus on the appropriate use of tone and language in your communications.
  • Lesson Three: Will look at planning your communication and the different forms of written business communications.
  • Lesson Four: You will cover face-to-face and phone communications as well as focusing on listening skills, questioning skills, body language and personal networking.
  • Lesson Five: This lesson focuses on presentation skills and will look at how to alleviate fears associated with delivering a presentation, preparing and structuring a presentation and more.
  • Lesson Six: This is an e-learning module which focuses on online communication. You’ll look at written online communications such as emails, web-pages and blogs, then you’ll look at spoken online communications which include video conferencing, online presentations and audio conferencing.

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