One-Week Graphics Design and Illustration Masterclass


Firstlincoln Technologies will host a one-week masterclass on graphics and illustration design on Mon, Nov. 4th, 2019 - Fri, Nov. 8th 2019 at The Creative Studio, Seeodee Hub, 63, Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos.

The masterclass is a comprehensive hands-on practical class for participants who want to learn and enhance their graphic design skills. The class will take you from the basic principles of creating professional brand communication with graphic design, infographics and interactive design, along with pro tips and advance technics of graphic illustrations.

Course Structure

  • In the first few sections, you will learn about the overarching benefits of this course and then learn about various design principles such as proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast, balance, negative space, and rhythm. You will apply these design principles right away so you more effectively learn them. This will also allow you to learn design techniques.
  • In the color and photography section, you will learn about effective color and photo editing tricks and then how to create color schemes in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. You will create retouch a vintage photo and polish your photo manipulation skill.
  • In the typography section, you will learn type terminology in order to know how to apply effective type.
    You will also learn best practices in editing and applying type.
  • All support files are included for the follow-along exercises and projects on design principles, color, typography, and projects. Bonus files are also included, such as photo and Photoshop brushes.

Who Should Attend

IT team, Brand Communication, PA and Public Relation Managers looking to expand and upgrade
their skills with the latest graphics and multimedia design technology.
2. Professionals looking to save time by learning from experts.
3. Individuals who want to learn digital graphics design and animation best practices.
4. Business owners or employees responsible for their company’s internal and external
communication in prints, design, web and social media graphics.



Participant will learn how to make explainer video, product launch video, 2D animation and graphics from
concepts and storyboard:

  • Master Design Principles for Better Design: Part I
    o Graphic Design as Powerful, Beautiful, Visual Communication
    o Elements of Graphic Design
    o Composition: Arranging for Aesthetics
    o Adjust Composition in a Photo and Layout
    o The Beauty and Functionality of Alignment
  • Master Design Principles for Better Design: Part II
    o Introduction to the course
    o Getting comfortable with Photoshop: Making a Poster
    o Photoshop Continued: Creating a Composite Image
    o Getting comfortable with Illustrator: Typography Poster
    o Logo Design: Create a Custom Logo for Your Business or a Client
    o Create a Magazine Ad
    o Getting Familiar with InDesign: Create an eBook
    o Create a Custom Brochure
    o Create Custom Business Cards
    o Getting Online with Adobe Portfolio and Behance
  • Amaze with the Beauty of Color: Color Theory and Application
    o Learning about Color and Applying Color in Graphic Design
    o Useful Color Terminology and Color Modes to Know and Apply
    o Applying the Beauty of Color Harmony
  • Typography: Understand and Apply Typographic Design
  • More Practical Graphic Design Projects and Exercises
  • Conclusion: Graphic Design Summary and Extra Resources

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