Staff and Customer Engagement through Gamification


Firstlincoln Technologies will host a two-day seminar on Staff and customer Engagement through Gamification online class on Zoom / Microsoft Team.

The new era of Gamification and Human-Focused Design optimizes for motivation and engagement over traditional Function-Focused Design. Within the industry, studies on game mechanics and behavioral psychology have become proliferate. However, few people understand how to merge the two fields into experience designs that reliably increases business metrics and generates a return on investment.

Now, more than ever, many organizations are now looking into common computer-game techniques such as points, badges, and leaderboards to make their websites and training programs more interactive and to engage employees in fun, easy activities that motivate and creates a relaxed working environment for improved performance and productivity.

Throughout this training session, participants will learn why traditional HR engagement methods no longer works and how to motivate your customers and employees through something as simple as the computer and mobile game.
You will learn several games samples to implement from today in your next business meetings to make it more effective and innovation-oriented. The goal for this course is to become a strategy guide to help you master the games that truly make a difference in a business processes and customer engagement.

Who Should Attend

  1. HR team, Brand Communication, PA and Public Relation Managers, HR managers, Marketing and Creative directors.
  2. Individuals who want to learn the implementation of computer-based games to drive engagement.
  3. Business owners or employees responsible for their company’s internal and external communication.




  • Introduction
    • 1-2: Human-Focused Design vs Function-Focused Design 
    • 1-3: Introduction to the Octalysis Framework
    • 1-4: White Hat Motivation vs Black Hat Motivation
    • 1-5: Left Brain vs Right Brain Core Drives
  • The 8 Core Drives of Human Behaviour

    • 2-1: Epic Meaning & Calling
    • 2-2: Development & Accomplishment
    • 2-3: Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback
    • 2-4: Ownership & Possession
    • 2-5: Social Influence & Relatedness
    • 2-6: Scarcity & Impatience
    • 2-7: Unpredictability & Curiosity
    • 2-8: Loss & Avoidance

Guided Practice: Game Development with the Human Behaviour
Day 1 Unguided Practice: Design a linear game using a workplace Activity


3. Business Process Gamification

  • 3-1 Introduction to Gamification 3-2 Gamification Techniques
    • Availability Bias
    • Curse of Knowledge
    • Status Quo Bias
    • Conformity Bias
    • Confirmation Bias
    • Confabulation Bias
    • Framing Bias
  • Guided Practice: Gamify a Staff meeting agenda using any of the Gamification Techniques

4. Applying Octalysis Gamification

  • 4-1: Designing for White Hat vs Black Hat Gamification
  • 4-2: Designing for Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Motivation
  • 4-3: Applying Octalysis to other Behavioral and Gameful Frameworks
  • 4-4: Analyzing Existing Experiences through Octalysis
  • 4-5: Building New Experiences from Scratch with Octalysis
  • 4-6: Design Case Study - Octalysis Prime
  • 4-7: The Journey Goes On

Day 2 Unguided Practice: Develop a customer engagement process using gamification

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