Switch Career: PHP and MYSQL Web Development Crash Course


Learning website development is a great way to jump in a new career or enhance your current career. Coding is the new math and learning how to code will propel you forward for any situation. Learn it today and get a head start for tomorrow regardless of your background, this course is guaranteed to set you on the right path to become a full-stack web developer.

If you've never experienced client and server-side web development, learning the plethora of technologies can be difficult. Trying to get started in a quick fashion can be daunting. But by learning from experience experts in the field, you can get up to speed quickly. In this course you will learn the basics of all of the different aspects of front and back end web development, and how to hone and keep your skills up to date. By taking a deliberately quick start approach to learning the basics and solid, fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Back end web development with PHP and MySQL.

This course is set up to be the starting point of learning web development. This course is targeted at those trying to grasp the fundamental technologies that underpin our digital world, while assuming as little or no knowledge of programming as possible.

Who Should Attend

  1. This course is for anyone who wants to learn about web development, regardless of previous experience.
  2. It's perfect for complete beginners with zero experience.
  3. Anyone who does have some experience in a few of the technologies (like HTML and CSS) but not all or any IT officer with little or no knowledge of web development.
  4. IT Managers looking to expand and upgrade their skills with the latest technology.
  5. Professionals looking to save time by learning from experts.


  • Have a computer preferably a laptop with any operating system: Mac, PC or Linux.
  • No pre-knowledge is required - enthusiasm is all you need!
  • No software is required in advance of the course (all software used in the course will be installed in-class)


This course is divided into two section and participants have an option of taking both or any of the section individually by selecting the appropriate check box in the registration form attached.

Throughout the course we cover tons of tools and technologies including:

SECTION 1 - Front End Web Developent
  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Web Design
  • Lesson 2: HTML5 & CSS3
  • Lesson 3: Planning a Website
  • Lesson 4: Responsive Web Design and CSS Tricks
  • Lesson 5: Libraries, Frameworks & Animations
  • Lesson 6: Media, Copyright & Menus
  • Lesson 7: Going Live
  • Lesson 8: SEO Basics for Effective Website Design.

SECTION 2 - Back End Web Development
Getting Started with PHP Coding
  • PHP Summary
  • Course PHP Introduction
  • Setting Up Localhost
Writing PHP Code
  • PHP’s Configuration First Code
  • Introduction to Variables
  • PHP Variable Types
  • Working with Arrays PHP
  • PHP Constants
  • Arithmetical Operators
  • PHP Assignment Operators
  • PHP Conditional Statements
  • PHP Switch Statements
  • PHP Logical Operators
  • PHP String Operators
  • PHP Loops & functions
PHP and MySQL Databases
  • Prepare for Database Connection
  • Setup Connection to Database
  • Create, Insert, Delete and Select Database Table
  • Creating A Table in A Database PHP MySQL
  • PHP MySQL Insert and Multi Insert
  • PHP Select Database Values
  • PHP Delete Row from MySQL
  • Source Code Object Connection

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